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Your DIY brand and website have gotten you this far, but you're looking for:

A website that grabs - and keeps - the attention of your ideal audience.

A high-quality digital presence that allows you to finally raise your prices.

An elevated look that attracts your dream clients and not just budget shoppers. 

Branding that reflects the true vision of your business and personal goals.

Don't lose out on business because of your website! Our websites are strategically designed to capture the attention of the viewer, let them know they are in the right place, guide them to the sections you want them to see, and then ultimately land a purchase, booking, or inquiry.

from the time someone lands on your website for them to understand what you do and if they're in the right place.

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Base Camp

semi-custom brand + website

Your new to business, you have big ideas, but need help climbing the mountain.

+ Mini Brand Kit
+ 5 page Semi-Custom Showit website
+ Tech Integrations & SEO Foundations
+ Custom-Coded Elements
+ DIY Copywriting Template
+ Professional Copywriting Audit
+ 14 days Post-Launch Support

Summit View

fully custom brand + website

You've put in the hard work, you're reaching the top of the mountain and now you're ready to scale your offers & revenue

+ Custom Brand Strategy & Identity
+ Hand-drawn Illustrations
+ Print/Digital Collateral
+ 8pg Custom Showit website
+ Tech Integrations
+ Custom-Coded Elements
+ Full Website Copywriting
+ SEO Optimized Design
+ Brand & Messaging Guide
+ Launch Graphics
+ 30 days Post-Launch Support

semi-custom brand + website

8-12 weeks //  Payment Plans Available

+ Mini Brand Kit
+ 5pg Semi-Custom Showit website
+ Tech Integrations
+ DIY Copywriting Template
+ Copy Audit
+ SEO Optimized Design
+ 14 days Post-Launch Support

Base Camp

Pricing based on our standard packages. Custom project proposals are provided for each potential client, based on the goals for your unique business.



Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design // Strategic brand + website design //



Your newer to business, you have big ideas, but need help climbing the mountain to establish your online presence

2 weeks //  Payment Plans Available


Our Base Camp package is designed to deliver you a professional mini brand and an I-can't-believe-it's-not-custom website, in just two weeks! More than just a logo and  template customization, this service points your business in the direction of success with simple, yet effective branding and an eye-catching website. 

You have big ideas, but you need help climbing the mountain to establish your online presence


When you're first starting out on your business journey, there's a lot you may not know — why you need an ideal client, how to create a cohesive look and feel with your brand, or what strategies you need in place for an effective website that actually brings you business.

We are here to help! We have systems in place to encourage you to start thinking strategically about your business and will create a strong foundation for your brand.


Unveiling your unique you-ness!

mini brand

Even as a new business, your brand deserves more than just a logo. You need a set of visuals that will help establish you in the marketplace. We'll create a unique and cohesive look with...

+ Primary & Secondary Logo
+ Brand Mark
+ Custom Color Palette
+ Font Styling
+ Brand Board Guide

Mini Brand

copy audit

You might not have the budget for a copywriter, but that doesn't mean your website should suffer! We have a Copywriting Template that will guide you through writing your copy for every page of your site, and then our partner copywriter will look it over and make suggestions based on your brand voice and business strategy.

If you're not comfortable with writing you'll have the option to upgrade to full website copywriting!

Copy Audit

semi-custom site

We’ll start with a professional Showit template and custom-fit it to your business so that you wind up with a website that’s far from cookie-cutter.

We'll implement your new mini brand for a cohesive look and feel, style your brand photo/videos, and transform the sections of the template to fit your message and goals. Plus we will ensure that the site is SEO friendly and setup for your customers to find you.

Semi-Custom Website

launch & support

We understand that you don't have any time to waste! This intensive gets you launched sooner so you can do a little happy dance when you get your first online booking or sale!

And we won't leave you hanging — you'll get 14 days post-launch support for minor mishaps that will undoubtedly arise.

Launch in just 2 weeks!


The Summit View is our signature service that combines strategy with stunning visuals to bring you a new elevated brand and online presence that helps you increase your prices, book more dream clients, and add additional revenue sources. This is an all-inclusive service, like a 5-star guided tour, leading your business to the big goals and lifestyle you've been dreaming about.

You've put in the hard work, you've climbed the mountain, now you're ready to scale your offers and your revenue!


We will do a deep dive into the inner workings of your business. Together we will review your current brand and website, your offers, your target audience, and your messaging. We'll determine what's working, what isn't, and establish your goals. 

We will then do competitor research and work closely with our copywriter to develop your brand messaging and creative direction for the project. 

Strategy & Research

brand identity

Brand Identity

With the strategy in mind, we will begin designing a fully custom brand identity that is 100% unique to your business...

+ Full Logo Suite
+ Brand Marks
+ Hand-drawn Illustrations
+ Color Psychology
+ Custom Color Palette
+ Font Styling
+ Stationery
+ 30pg Brand Guidelines


  • Media Kits
  • Proposals
  • Packaging
  • Merch
  • Menus
  • Look Books
  • Canva Templates
  • Flodesk Templates


You'll likely want print and digital assets to compliment your brand. We can add-on anything from:

and more, just ask!



Writing about your own business is hard! Leave the stress of one of the most important aspects of your design up to the professionals.

While we are working on your brand and collateral design, our partner copywriter will be working with you to craft compelling copy for each page of your site.

custom website

  • 8 fully custom designed pages
  • Bonus pages included - Lead Magnet, Instagram links, 404, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions
  • Custom Blog Design
  • Custom Mobile Site
  • Tech Integrations
  • Custom-coded Animations
  • SEO Optimized Design

Custom Website

Each page of your site will be custom crafted to uniquely showcase your offers.

launch & support

Pop the champagne, cue the confetti and watch the revenue start to roll in!

Your expertly crafted brand will be attracting your dream customers, they won't hesitate to buy your offer, and your new site will pay for itself in no time.

launch & support

custom website

brand identity





Summit View

Our Signature Service

We only book 8 fully-custom Summit View projects per year and only one semi-custom Base Camp project per month. 

reach out today to grab your spot!

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How it works

Discovery & Brand Strategy

We begin by diving deep into the inner workings of your business to a create strategy and visual direction.

Design & Development

delivery & launch

With a foundation in place, we create your brand then design and develop your website.

We work closely with you to ensure every aspect is perfect and then we celebrate your launch!



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"There are not enough words to describe how incredible Michaela is!" 

She has designed not only my website, but also the website for the foundation I'm on, and both are top of the line. She is beyond creative, listens carefully and delivers, every single time. I can contribute all of my branding to her and her creative thinking. If you want to be set apart from the rest - you need North Design Co.!!

- natacha gaspar // realtor

You're ready to raise your prices without pushback from budget shoppers

You've been in business 3+ years, you know who your target audience is, and you're ready to attract dream clients

You're newer to business and still establishing yourself in the marketplace

The Fully Custom Experience is right for you if...

The Semi-Custom Experience is right for you if...

You need a website that allows you to showcase your offers and streamline your booking process

You're ready for an impresive digital presence that can be up and running in just 2 weeks

You want the look and feel of a professionally-designed brand without breaking the bank

You need a website that stands out from your competition and makes booking with you a no-brainer

You desire a brand identity that reflects the true vision of your business and personal goals

You might be wondering

Have some questions?

Brand Design - a common expense our brand design clients have is purchasing font licenses. For each project, we recommend 3-4 fonts that compliment your brand. Our goal is to always recommend a combination of paid and free fonts to keep costs down for your business, but to also set you apart from the competition. Paid font licenses are typically around $30 and they're non-transferable (so we can't share them with you). We can discuss your budget for fonts during your brand design project.

Web Design - Websites require a few additional expenses. You can expect to pay for a domain name, a privacy policy, brand photography, copywriting, web font licenses, and website hosting after launch. There may also be additional expenses for apps and integrations, depending on your business goals. We have great resources for all of these items!



Your brand strategy is essential to a profitable business and an effective website design!

We take on website-only projects on a case-by-case basis. If you already have a strategic brand identity in place from a reputable brand designer and thorough brand guidelines, please reach out and we can discuss your goals for your website.

will you just design a website, without branding?

Yes! Our standard payment plan is 50% due at booking and 50% before project launch.

If you'd prefer to break it up even more, we also offer payment in 4 installments.

Payments can be made via credit card or directly from your bank account, securely through Plaid.

Do you offer payment plans?

Showit is our platform of choice for many reasons. We've worked with a handful of different platforms in the past and none of them compare to the design freedom of Showit. It allows us to create unique and compelling designs, while also remaining easy for you to update and maintain. Showit also has the best support team around!

If you're looking for a strictly e-commerce website, we do occasionally work with Shopify. Please inquire!

Do you only design on Showit?

Our designs are modern and timeless, but as far as style goes — we can design in the aesthetic that best fits your brand strategy. This can range from dark and moody, to colorful and retro, to feminine and chic, and beyond!

The ultimate goal is for your brand identity to align with your brand values and attract your dream clients, in whatever style that may be.

Ready to confidently  walk into your next era of business? 

increase your revenue + book more dream clients

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Semi-Custom Brands

Showit Website Templates

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